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About the Greater Moments App 


Greater Moments is an app for people living with dementia and their carers. Greater Moments aim is to deliver the very best of all activities, services and events in one place; creating more opportunities to connect, record meaningful moments and boost wellbeing 

The problem:

  • There is a current lack in connection and purpose for people living with dementia and carers, often resulting in dips of wellbeing.
  • Support is often not accessible, inclusive or tailored to an individuals’ needs.
  • There is a poor visibility and connectivity of activities and services in local communities, creating inconsistent approaches and quality standards.


How Greater Moments address this problem:

  • Provides a single point platform for all activities, services and events
  • Uses machine learning to create a person centred experience
  • Measures and supports how community experiences are being received – driving up standards
  • Measures and reflects wellbeing in real time
  • Builds on the ‘moments’ evidence base by offering a safe space to record and reflect on moments
  • Delivers a range of exclusive content, including live performances and special offers
  • Supports carers with their own wellbeing