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Sign Up as a Person Living With Dementia 

As a person living with Dementia, you will be able to:

  • Record your wellbeing and happiness
  • Save journal entries
  • Create a calendar of events and activities
  • Browse localised dementia-friendly services and activities

You may also wish to link your account to that of a loved-one or carer, who can then assist you with entries and share your calendar with you; you will be prompted to do this during the registration process. 

Sign Up as a Carer

If you provide care – paid or unpaid – to a person or people living with Dementia, you can sign up to:

  • View local dementia-friendly services and activities
  • Link your profile with that of someone you care for, and assist them in recording their wellbeing, planning events and activities, and reviewing local services.
  • Record your own wellbeing
  • Save journal entries

Once you have submitted this form, a member of the Greater Moments team will work to configure you account and get you logged in as soon as possible!

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