Here at Greater Moments it is so important to us that we source events and services that are perfect for our Greater Moments app audience. We’re proud to introduce you to Gillian Hesketh, MD of Happy Days Dementia Workshop. Happy Days Dementia Is an amazing service for people living with dementia and their carers, they are due to host a variety of events that are going to take place in 2021.

Gillian Hesketh says “Hello everyone, and if it’s not too late, Happy New Year. I’m Gillian Hesketh of Happy Days Dementia Workshop, Activities & Design and delighted to be invited to share some tips and stories with you about how we can engage with people who are living with dementia: a husband or wife, a loved one, a family member, a friend or work colleague in residential dementia care, or at home.

I am MD of Happy Days Dementia Workshop, Activities & Design. Based on my studies and many visits to care groups, hospitals, residential and dementia care homes, I’ve been designing and developing reminiscence tools, conversation, memory and daily living prompts, nostalgic activities and activity rooms, manuals and engagement training in dementia care homes to help care teams enrich social care and for people at home to enjoy meaningful moments with the people they are caring for.

Engaging with a person who is living with dementia doesn’t mean you need to be involved with complicated exercises, lengthy text books or extensive training. It’s about finding out what works for the person, whether it’s just talking, taking some exercise, watching and feeding the birds, joining in everyday tasks or being in that person’s time span [be aware that the person may believe they are living in a different place or time].
Caring for a loved one who has developed dementia can become tiring and although we might not want to admit it, sometimes overwhelming – So please remember to take breaks when caring – get plenty of fresh air – ask for help when needed, and remember to look after you too!
You can see and buy the dementia memory prompts and activity products online at Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Design Shop online

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