Chris Harding is the Founder and Managing Director of The Daily Sparkle, a reminiscence newspaper for the elderly and people with dementia.

Chris started the business after a friend of his became ill and went into a nursing home, the rapid decline in his intelligence, energy and vitality seemed to be almost instant. Chris believed strongly that this was affected by an unstimulating environment.

Within two months Chris had quit his job and really started to focus fully on how he could create a stimulating, enjoyable and fun daily life experience for older people in care. This is when Chris came up with the idea of a daily reminiscence newspaper, developing it over the next 18 months, and eventually launched The Daily Sparkle in late 2009.

The newspaper has said to have been since been used in over 6000 care setting across the UK and is the country’s most used and most successful resource for frail elderly and people with dementia. The Daily Sparkle also provide a further compliment of resources – including Reminiscence Music and Videos, Resources Toolbox and Activity Bank, the Daily Sparkle App and popular training courses.

At the Daily Sparkle, the team have a genuine desire to make a real difference to the quality of life of older people and people living with dementia.

The Daily Sparkle state that their core principles of empathy, generosity, and care.

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