Let’s face the obvious, this is a difficult time for a lot of people right now.

For older people living with a long-term condition especially, many of the by-products of Covid have been well reported recently. From reduced activity to the loss of vital connections amongst family and friends, these are having a significant impact on mental and physical health with seemingly no end in sight.

Greater Moments offers a fresh opportunity to respond differently to the challenges we are facing. 

Our platform presents local activities, events and opportunities in a way that’s more centred around the interests, needs and location of the individual. This means the community assets we still have in play are more visible and relevant than ever at the time they are needed most.

The app also tracks wellbeing in real time – enabling a faster response to dips before they escalate. This can lead to a better joining up of efforts from loved ones and paid professionals, plus essential social data to support any changes identified in clinical checks. 

Serendipitous moments can be captured and reflected on in our ‘Moments box’, supporting memory and gratitude. Again, these are evidence-based ways of boosting mental health.

Finally, local services attended are rated by those who matter the most – allowing standards to be supported to a higher level for those who need it. It also means that those continuing to deliver great services are being recognised and celebrated.

As humans we are all bound by the moments that make up our life stories. There has never been a better time to seek out and celebrate the moments that truly matter.

Take care and stay safe.

Gary Lovatt