We have created the Greater Moments app and programme in partnership with people living with dementia, unpaid carers and professional carers. The aim is simple – to measurably improve lives.
As we approach one of the most difficult winters on record for the NHS, supporting people to feel safe, well and connected to their communities can also make a big difference to demands faced at both primary and secondary care.


There are 6 ways main ways Greater Moments can support the NHS. These are:

  • enabling connection
  • supporting identity & purpose for those with dementia
  • helping carers
  • supporting independence & self-management
  • offering post discharge support
  • delivering quality improvement

enabling connection

Greater Moments maps and presents all local activities, services and events in a person-centred way, creating more moments that matter and connections with others.


supporting identity & purpose for those with dementia

Greater Moments enables people with dementia and their carers to record and preserve their moments, helping to maintain identity, purpose and focus on the positive elements of their lives.


helping carers

Greater Moments supports carers in many ways – from easier navigation of the system, managing the social diary and maintaining a wellbeing log. At professional level Greater Moments supports care homes to evidence its activity and impact to the CQC.


supporting independence & self-management

Greater Moments can relieve pressure on GPs and Social Prescribers by more intelligently understanding what a person enjoys, what they are capable of and what makes the most positive difference to them. Combining recommender software with evidence-based nudging methodology, this creates more opportunity for independence and self-management.


offering post discharge support

All too often those who are discharged from hospital end up back in primary and secondary care because of lack of support. Greater Moments can support people back into independence with support from their families and communities – therefore reducing dependency on the care system.


delivering quality improvement

Imagine being able to understand in real time how activities, services and events are being received by people with dementia and their carers? That’s exactly what we provide and in doing so, we can support providers to continually improve how accessible and inclusive they are.


If you work in the NHS and would like to know how we can bring Greater Moments to you this winter, email gary@socialsense.co.uk

“Greater Moments is the bridge between Health & Social Care” 

- Senior NHS lead.

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