We’re offering 10 care homes in Greater Manchester the chance to be gifted a free “Giant Butterfly Garden” for all residents and care workers to enjoy. The live butterfly gardens allow you to observe the Butterfly Metamorphosis from your own home creating magical experiences and #GreaterMoments.

The kit is complete with:

  • 45cm Collapsible and reusable habitat
  • 6-10 LIVE caterpillars with food or caterpillar voucher to redeem at no extra cost
  • Painted Lady butterfly life cycle stages figurines
  • Feeding pipette
  • Instruction guide
  • Insect Lore Sugar packet (arrives with caterpillars) to make you very own Butterfly nectar
  • x2 chrysalis stations (arrives with caterpillars)

How to redeem your free kit:

  • Email: Charlotte@socialsense.co.uk and let us know your care home and address.
  • Register to the Greater Moments app and assign clients (residents) to your profile.

The ask:

  • Register to the Greater Moments app.
  • Continue to update the Greater Moments app throughout the life cycle of your butterflies by filling in your residents wellbeing scores.
  • Take images throughout of the process to share on socials tagging @SocialSenseUK and use the #GreaterMomentsAhead

Registering to Greater Moments

Want a free Butterfly Kit but not registered to the Greater Moments app? Not a problem!

You can register to the Greater Moments app by visiting our website here: https://www.greatermoments.org.uk/register/ and completing a short registration form.