Creating Greater Moments

Our aim is to create something that focusses not on the dementia, but the person and those around them

Our Vision

Our aim is to create something that focusses not on the dementia, but the person and those around them. We want to capture everything that is positive, for example friendships and achievements alongside thoughts, feelings and concerns.

People living with dementia tell us the importance of positive experiences of using local services, for example transport, shops and interactions with GPs and other professionals. Through this platform we have a real opportunity to better understand and improve these experiences across Greater Manchester.

We also want to provide an easier way for individuals to connect within their communities in meaningful ways, which we also know can significantly improve purpose and wellbeing.
Our shared ambition is to take this far beyond a measurement tool. We’re driven most by the potential for our combined knowledge and technologies to significantly and measurably improve lives.


Feedback from phase 1 and phase 2 testers for Greater Moments

“I really like the look and content of the app and can see it work for people.”

Commissioning Lead, Community Care – Greater Manchester

“Tested and think it’s brill.”

- Tester : Phase 2

“I think the diary function is helpful for people affected by dementia… this is really useful.”

Tester - Phase 2

“Principle of the app is good particularly for carers.”

Tester : Phase 2


The below features are currently built into the Greater Moments toolkit!

Recording Wellbeing

Users of the app can regularly record their own wellbeing and view the wellbeing of profiles linked to theirs. Supporting them to manage their own wellbeing and, for carers, to see how the person they care for is doing.



The app has lots of information about local services across Greater Manchester. Connecting people using the app with local support.


Activities and events that are publicly accessible as well as those specifically for people living with dementia and their carers are on the app. Enabling people to see what’s on offer in Greater Manchester.

Service and Event Ratings

All users will be able to rate any services or activities they’ve attended. The ratings will show what peers think of these and will also be fed back to celebrate excellent, dementia friendly services and events but also to support those who need help to improve.


When using the app you can add a visit to a service or add an upcoming event to you are interested in to the calendar. You can also add your own events, meetings or appointments and there’s space for you to make notes in your entries too.


This section is for anything the user wants to log about what’s been happening for them that day, storing journals and capturing moments.