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Application Update (August 2020)

Aug 11, 2020 | Project Updates

Since we last posted so much has happened with the app and in the world in general, with this global pandemic. Whilst Covid changed our trajectory somewhat, we have used it as an opportunity to further develop the app features as well as the design, so that users will have an improved look and feel to work with. The first phase of testing of the app is underway and we will be reviewing the feedback this week ahead of phase two.

The key app features we’ve been working on include the social feed (not dissimilar from your news feed on Facebook) and how we get relevant content to each user of the app. We’ve also been working on how to improve the wellbeing score meter and reviews of services and events. There’s also been a lot of work to ensure that the colours and fonts used on the app meet accessibility criteria, and so that it looks clearer and easier to navigate. Finally, there’s been a whole host of work behind the scenes on the management of the data that the app will be recording to ensure that it’s compliant with GDPR.

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